The Ultimate Driving Machine is perfectly summarized with one letter, ///M. The good folks in Munich started designing what would become an instant legend in 1985 with the BMW M5. Taking what BMW had learned thus far on the racetrack and with the E12 M535i road car, they synthesized the perfect sedan. Minnesota-based photographer Josh Hway of Dynamic Photowerks assembled all five generations of the iconic M5 for a photoshoot.

The E28 M5 is a 1988 in excellent condition with 92K original miles. Given the fact that the owner arrived on location doing a doughnut with three other people in the car, you could say it gets used appropriately.


The E34 is an early production 1991 Euro-spec car with four bucket seats, different gearing, and ellipsoid headlights. It is only one of 38 with sterling metallic and Nappa leather. It is driven daily with 235K miles on the clock.

bmw-m5-generations-11 bmw-m5-generations-10


This E39 is a 2001 Carbon Black with caramel extended leather interior. There were less than 75 made in this color combo. Other than a few Dinan goodies, it remains stock.


The E60, of course, comes equipped with a 500 horsepower V10. This particular one is an Alpine White 2006 with an SMG transmission and has been slightly lowered and given an aftermarket splitter.


Now we get to the modern age, the F10. We were fortunate enough to enlist one of the very rare 30 Jahre Edition Anniversary M5s. This is one of two in Minnesota, which funny enough, are owned by the same family. It is painted in matte Frozen Silver and given 600HP and carbon ceramic brakes.

The M5 was, is, and will continue to be a legend.

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