A side view of the upcoming 2016 BMW 7 Series was leaked on the interwebs. The photo gives us a closer look at the elongated and elegant 7 Series, with its typical Hofmeister Kink. New for BMW 7 Series is the chrome strip that runs at the bottom of the doors which ends in a chrome element in the front fenders – quite possible that this element is reserved for the Luxury Line.

The engineers in Munich are also extremely proud of the new lightweight concept with carboxylic Core technology. The body structure is a hybrid construction with carbon fiber elements and high-strength steels, aluminum and plastics, all contributing to a total of around 130 kilograms weight savings.


Other updates include a new iDrive system with gestures, air suspension, safety features and autonomous functions. We put together an article describing all those new features of the 7 Series.

Despite the excellent technological innovations, the new G12 7 Series isn’t just about fancy tech. The G12 will be receiving an all new inline-six engine from BMW’s latest generation of engines. A four-cylinder petrol and diesel are also likely to appear, one of them scheduled for the Chinese market (BMW 725d and 730i).

The 7 Series should be able to strike an excellent balance between power, driving dynamics and luxury.

[Source: Bimmertoday]