Car enthusiasts are often times funny people who obsess over the finest of details about the cars they love. Obsessions can range from city parking lights (to show drivers where your car is parked on tight streets) to side mirrors. But as obscure as any automotive obsession may be, enthusiasts love them.

Headlights are a popular item for enthusiasts to obsess over, and one of the more logical ones. Headlights are displayed front and center on each and every car. They act almost as the eyes to the face of a car. BMW has always had distinct looking headlights, with the typical two-circle design in each headlight. So let’s take a look at the some of BMW’s best designs.

5. BMW i3

The All-Electric BMW i3.

The i3’s very different take on design extends throughout the entire car, including the headlights. BMW headlights all follow a somewhat specific design, with their two-circle design, so when a BMW can shake the design up a little bit, it’s refreshing. The i3’s funky little headlights sit above what seems to be an under bite perfectly match the funky styling of the rest of the car.

4. BMW E30 M3


The headlights on the E30 M3 don’t look all that different from the standard E30, or any bimmer from the era for that matter, but the square jaw looks with the straight grille give the headlights an excellent look. Plus the E30’s looks are timeless and instantly recognizable. I just love the look of the exposed circular headlights of that era and the E30 M3 is the best example. So while not necessarily exciting, they are very good looking and reminiscent of a time period of BMW’s that are so revered.

3. BMW M4


The first of its kind, the M4 has some very cool looking, menacing headlights. The two-circle design have their tops and bottoms chopped off to make them flat at each end, which almost make it look like the M4 is squinting. Kind of like the Clint Eastwood of cars. Combine that with how the headlights merge with the grilles and the M4 has an angry, aggressive face.

2. BMW i8


Talk about squinting cars, the i8 is the biggest squinter of all. With those narrow, flat headlights that sit atop an LED light bar that runs the length of the bottom of them, the i8 looks positively futuristic. Everything about the i8 drips with futuristic technology and it starts with the face. The headlights are part of the face that makes up one of the best looking BMW’s of all time. Combine that with the fact that European ones get laser headlights and the i8 skyrockets to the top half of the list.

1. BMW 3.0 CSL


It seems I can’t make a top five list without mentioning the CSL. It’s not only one of the best Bavarians of all time, but one of the best looking as well. The downward sloping shark nose and big round head headlights are absolutely gorgeous. I love the wide spacing between the headlights and the tight, slender kidney grilles. Definitely one of the prettiest BMWs of all time.