Tuning shop Alpha-N Performance has just unveiled its range of aerodynamic upgrades for the new BMW M4. The first aero part that stands out in the new package is the carbon fiber racing wing which is made using the pre-reg method and can be adjusted at different angles on the car. For those less adventurous customers, the shop also offers a smaller boot lid, made of carbon fiber as well.

In the back, Alpha-N also offers a carbon fiber rear diffuser which increases downforce and costs 999 euros. A more aggressive-looking diffuser sells for 1499 euros. In the front, two different front splitters are being presented. The fixed spoiler is marketed at 999 euros while the adjustable version costs 1999 euros.

Alpha-N Performance offers carbon fiber canards for the BMW M4 which are made from lightweight carbon fiber and cost 449 euros.


Furthermore, the M4 Coupe gets a new set of custom wheels with a mesh design made by OZ Racing and multiple spokes design by mbDESIGN. Starting in June, Alpha-N Performance will offer an Ohlins adjustable coilover kit for the M4.

Under the hood, Alpha-N worked their magic with an EVOX tuning package which increases the standard power of 425 hp to 520 ponies.

An extra 5 hp can be achieved with a stainless steel rear silencer box while the complete stainless steel exhaust system results in a total of 530 hp and 685 Nm of torque.

Alpha-N-Performance-BMW-M4-F82-Tuning-02-2 Alpha-N-Performance-BMW-M4-F82-Tuning-05