Switzerland, home to so many wonderful things; cheese, watches and the Geneva Motor Show.

Geneva is one of the better auto shows, as it always seems to be where all of the most prestigious cars are first displayed. Makes sense, as Geneva is one of the more prestigious cities in the world. This year’s motor show was no exception. Many jaw-dropping cars debuted at Geneva this year, some which were expected and some which were surprises.

Here are my top ten cars from the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

  1. Koenigsegg RegeraKoenigsegg_Regera_fronttwistKoenigseggs are always the most extreme of hyper cars, and the Regera is extreme even by those standards. Meaning to reign in Swedish, the Regera sets out to do just that. With a 5.0 liter, twin turbo V8 making 1,100 hp and three electric motors to help power the rear wheels combine to make a total power output of 1,500 hp. It doesn’t even have a transmission, just a one-speed reduction gear with hydraulic coupling. Koenigsegg says it can spin its wheels at 170 mph. This may be the most ludicrous car ever made. And it will most likely crush the Porsche 918, LaFerrari and McLaren P1.
  1. Mercedes-Benz G500 4×42015-mercedes-benz-g500-4x42-gear-patrol-lead-1600x900A four-wheeled version of the six-wheeled version of a four-wheeled truck. The G500 is basically the amazing six-wheeled G63 AMG but with two wheels chopped off. That’s completely fine, however, as it looks fantastic. Big and burly, like all G Wagons are, the G500 4×4 looks like it can take on any terrain imaginable. Plus it has portal axles and side pipes, those two things automatically put this on the list.
  1. Rolls Royce SerenityRolls-Royce-Phantom-Serenity-imageWhile many aren’t fans of the Serenity’s interior design, and to be honest it doesn’t necessarily tickle my fancy either, I love the extreme opulence of it. It’s so unnecessarily luxurious that it borders on silly. That’s what I love about it and what I think all Rolls’ should be — so luxurious they border on vulgar. Plus, I’ve never seen an interior like that before and that alone is enough to put it into my top ten.
  1. Mercedes-Maybach S600 PullmanMercedses-Maybach-S-Klasse-Pullman-2015-Genf-Autosalon-Live-23This is here basically for the same reason as the Rolls. Except the Pullman takes it a step further by being a limo(!). I mean, seriously, have you ever seen an interior so fantastic? It comes with pillows, only the finest interiors come with pillows (except for the Aston Martin Cignet, which is just awful). The Pullman is just so extreme in its pursuit of luxury and I admire that. I like extreme, if you haven’t already noticed from this list.
  1. BMW 2 Series Gran TourerBMW-2er-Gran-Tourer-F46-2015-220i-M-Paket-Estoril-Blau-Genf-Autosalon-Live-07I’m probably alone on this one, and that’s fine. There isn’t much love out there for the 2 Series GT, and it’s understandable. It’s a front-wheel drive van, pretty much. But I think it looks rather good, and as BMW’s first attempt at such a vehicle, I’m eager to try it out. Plus I think it would be hilarious good fun to flog a FWD BMW van. But I’m also an idiot.
  1. Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SuperveloceLamborghini-Aventador-LP-750-4-Superveloce_3-4-FrontWho doesn’t love extreme, stripped out Lambos? They’re everything you’d want in a Lamborghini; speed, insane styling and a name that makes it sound like its going to hurt you. Superveloce just sounds violent, doesn’t it? But that’s the best part about the LP 750-4 (typing its name sure isn’t fun, though). The whole car seems violently fast, which is what all Lambos should be. The Huracan seems a bit boring to me, so this Superveloce seems like a return to form for Lamborghini. It also has 740 hp from the 6.5 liter V12 and weighs 110 lbs less than the standard car. So violent it will be.
  1. Porsche 911 GT3 RSPorsche-911-GT3-RS-2015-Genf-Autosalon-Live-01The previous GT3 RS is one of my favorite cars of all time. The lightweight, stripped out, no nonsense nature of the car is just so appealing. This new one seems to be a fantastic successor. It uses a 4.0 flat-six paired to Porsche’s 7-Speed PDK gearbox. Many will complain about the loss of the manual gearbox, and admittedly I’m a bit saddened too, but the PDK won’t take away from this car. If anything, it only adds more performance and since when is that a bad thing?
  1. Audi R8


    The new R8 really does look sensational. I give Audi’s a lot of flak for being boring and bland, but the R8 is neither of those things. It looks exciting and beautiful and with all of that Space Frame technology and that V10, the R8 seems like one of the best cars in the segment. The previous R8 was starting to show its age a bit, but it was still a beautiful thing. This new one is a proper evolution and from the look and sounds of it, will be a sensational car. I’ll miss the open gate manual in the previous R8, but the new S-Tronic trans is probably better suited to such a car.

  1. Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6


    The name seems like a random collection of numbers and words to me, but the car looks absolutely stunning. It has all of the right classic sports car cues. It also looks a bit small for a Bentley, which is refreshing to see. Bentley is making this car out to be much more of a sports car than the Continental GT, but no word on powertrain options just yet. That interior also looks fabulously luxurious but still sporty. That’s the way Bentley’s should look.

    1. Aston Martin Vulcan


      Had this not been there, the Bentley would have taken first place. But instead this psycho Brit takes the number one spot. I’m fully aware that the Vulcan isn’t street legal and is pretty much just a track-day car for billionaires. But I’m okay with that. It’s absolutely staggering. It’s one of the sexiest car designs I’ve ever seen and has possibly the best name, as well. It also has the bite to match the bark. With a 7.0 liter V12, the Vulcan produces “800 Plus” horsepower, uses a racing-spec 6-Speed sequential gearbox, has pushrod suspension and a carbon fiber driveshaft. All of this sits under a carbon fiber body on top of a carbon fiber monocoque. Only 24 will be made and I’m trying to figure out how to rob fort knox to get one.