The world premiere of the BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car takes place this week at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The matte black M4, adorned with M colors and safety car features, is one of the main attractions at the BMW exhibit.

The BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car is BMW M Division’s first model featuring water injection. Water injection is a system designed to increase the performance and reduce the consumption of combustion engines.

The new water injection allows for outstanding driving properties and impressive performance parameters on the race track.


The water injection allows for more efficient charge air cooling and sensitive components can be operated with a higher boost pressure. Up to 8 percent more power can be achieved. One day, the same technology could be used in the BMW M4 GTS.


Other interesting details are the large carbon-fiber rear wing and the carbon front splitter, which are also conceivable for a sharper version of the street legal. BMW M4 . The M4 MotoGP SafetyCar comes with a stripped-down interior with two Recaro racing seats, a roll bar and the obligatory motorsport fire extinguisher.

An LED light bar sits on the roof. The car also feature a main circuit breaker and a system for the easy draining of the fuel.

For stopping power, the M4 MotoGP Safety Car uses ceramic brakes.


The M4 MotoGP Safety Car will go on the grid this year during the MotoGP Bike Championship.