As we all know, the manual transmission is on its way out. Even the most sporting of car makers are ridding themselves of the manual trans in most models. Even BMW and its famed M Division have said that the manual could be phased out soon. And this is unfortunate, obviously. Us enthusiasts are fans of three pedal gearboxes.

So I got to thinking of all the BMW models that do and do not have manual transmission options. Which led me to start thinking of which models do not come with three pedals that would be fun if they had.

Let’s discuss.


  1. BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe – I think the Gran Coupe would be dynamite with a manual ‘box. Such a sexy, seductive, coupe-like luxury sedan with a 6-Speed manual would be the definition of cool. I’d feel like Jason Statham, only cooler, with a Gran Coupe rowing my own gears. It would also be rare, so if you owned one, you’d be the only one at the country club with one.


  1. BMW X1The X1 is very activity oriented. It looks and feels as if it’s purpose built for the an active lifestyle. And active people like to stay active, obviously. So it would only make sense to offer a more active style gearbox in such a car. It’s also a small, fun, sporty little car with punchy engines, which is the perfect recipe for a manual transmission.


  1. BMW 7 Series – If you’ve you’ve read any of my articles, then you know my love for the original Transporter movie. Sure it’s campy and actually pretty terrible as a movie, but it has possibly the best automotive example of icy-coolness. Frank Martin’s Black on Black, 735i with a manual just screams cool. So a modern version would be excellent. It would bring back feelings of a time when big, luxury barges could still come with manuals. You’d be the only one to have one and you’d feel like the baddest man on earth driving it.

Those are the three Bimmers that I wish came with manuals. Let me know which BMWs you’d like to have with a manual that doesn’t already.