American vs. German Cars

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Being that you’re reading this on BMWBLOG, it’s probably safe to say that you’re a fan of German cars, if not just BMWs. With most …

Being that you’re reading this on BMWBLOG, it’s probably safe to say that you’re a fan of German cars, if not just BMWs. With most people, regarding German cars, they either hate them or love them. That’s because cars from the Fatherland have a very distinct driving style to them. Each German company has their own distinct features but the basics are all pretty similar.

German cars, for the most part, all feel taut yet comfortable, stiff yet compliant. They can also be characterized by having accurate steering with good feel, except for maybe some Audis. They’re also, usually pretty reserved when it comes to styling and design and are known for superior build quality.

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Unfortunately for us ‘Mericans, our cars are also known for specific qualities. However, they aren’t very good ones. When most people think of American cars, they think of shoddy build quality, cheap interior plastics and underpowering engines. One look at an IROC-Z Camaro and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

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It had probably the worst interior plastics this side of a Fischer Price toy car, a design that looks as if it was done by a kindergartner and a 5.0 liter V8 that made a whopping — wait for it — 190 hp.

Now these days, obviously, American cars are much better. The new Z51 Corvette Stingray, Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger are just a few great American cars. But even great American cars have some flaws typical the classic American car penny-pinching. Cheap plastics and sloppy handling can still be found in certain cars from the States.

I don’t want to sound like an American car hater because I’m not. I call cars as I see them, regardless of brand name or country of origin. It’s just unfortunate that, especially during the 80’s and 90’s, American cars can be embarrassing. Don’t get me wrong, I root for every new American car because, as a Yankee myself, I want American cars to impress the world and be good ambassadors for us.

Unfortunately, it’s not American cars people want to buy when they finally get that big promotion. It’s German cars.

6 responses to “American vs. German Cars”

  1. jason bourne says:

    Pretty much spot on.

    American cars, particularly the performance ones, are big and brutish by nature.

  2. NoID says:

    ….was there a point to this article? If this was a middle school canned 5-paragraph essay with intro, 3 supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion, you have left out a supporting paragraph and a conclusion. You contrast your (unsupported) opinions on American and German cars, then it just ends. Don’t get me wrong, my (also unsupported) opinion doesn’t stray far from yours, but it irks me to see a blog of this caliber used like a Twitter account.

  3. raziel28 says:

    I love all cars, and I don’t care from which country they come. I also like USA cars from 1950-1970. That was a great period! Maybe best looking cars ever…
    Best Regards

  4. Alex says:

    The biggest difference between American and German cars is that American cars seem to think that straight line speed is the most important attribute of a performance car, while German cars seem to be able to deliver performance over a complete real-world driving environment.
    No matter where I drive those damn curves seem to get in the way, therefore I much prefer the German style of performance.

  5. Guest says:

    True story…I got my promotion a few years and bought the 335 I have now.

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