In 2014, BMW sold 56,414 3 Series models in Germany. Mercedes-Benz sold 60,350 units of their C-Class while the Audi A4 went to 48,278 customers.

The days when the 3 Series sedan and touring‘s sales were divided among themselves are over as well. For the first, the 3 Series family is offered in three variants, counting the new Gran Turismo. Considered initially a niche car, the 3 Series GT accounted for 15 percent of the 3 Series sales, only 11 percent lower than the sedan’s sales. With 8,591 units sold in 2014, the car can already be considered a success for the company.


Opposed to the American market, Germany remains an important market for the touring (sport wagon) sales. Last year, BMW’s 3 Series touring sales accounted for a share of 58 percent, more than double the sedans. One reason for the large delta is the 3 Series touring car fleets acquired by German banks and large corporations.

This summer, BMW will debut the 3 Series sedan and touring facelift, followed a few months later by the GT LCI.

[Source: Bimmertoday]