The new 2015 BMW X6 M50d goes in the French Alps for some winter driving.

The M50d is the most powerful diesel model available in the current X6 lineup. The engine comes with a 2993cc of displacement, it has a triple-turbocharged powered configuration with the six cylinders, where it develops 376 hp and 546 lb-ft of torque available from a low RPM.

Despite weighing 2,300 kg with standard four-wheel drive, the 2015 M50d hits 62mph from rest in 5.2 seconds.


The X6 M50d gains stiffer Adaptive M suspension, and a different steering layout to the rest of the range. Alongside Active Roll Stabilisation (ARS), this adds up to a sporty and dynamic ride, even on the track.

The new X6 offers all the luxury items required by a premium SUV, along with comfort and safety levels you would want from a large car. The engine is highly efficient and powerful at the same time. It certainly is the perfect combination for people that need lower fuel consumption and sporty performance.


Before we jump into the photo gallery, here is our BMW X6 M50d review.