Video: BMW M4 vs 6.4L Dodge CHARGER 392 SRT8

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This is an interesting drag race. Two fairly similar sports cars, in terms of power, go to the drag strip for a race. The new …

This is an interesting drag race. Two fairly similar sports cars, in terms of power, go to the drag strip for a race. The new BMW M4 takes on the Dodge Charger 392 SRT8, two vehicles with rear-wheel drive and lots of torque.

The 2015 BMW M4 is powered by a 3.0liter TwinPower turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine which makes 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. The 2014 Dodge Charger SRT8 is powered by a 6.4 liter Hemi V8 which makes 470 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque.

While the Charger may have a bit more horsepower, it is a heavier vehicle: 4400 lbs vs. 3556 lbs.

Dodge Charger Hellcat 750x443

The M4 runs to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds with DCT, while the Charger SRT8 records a time of 4.3 seconds.

So, which one takes the win? Let’s have a look.

16 responses to “Video: BMW M4 vs 6.4L Dodge CHARGER 392 SRT8”

  1. jason bourne says:

    Launch control wins…?

  2. Pesobill says:

    Bad start for the Charger but inevitably the less weighted BMW would take it .

  3. jamie says:

    Looks like a bogus fake race. Bmw had at least a 1 second start off the. line. looks like the charger held back on purpose.

    too funny.
    Get some real drivers….and better yet….bring a hellcat with a Real Dodge driver in it….not a set-up bmw favored bogus video with their driver included.

  4. james says:

    lmao at everyone who thinks that the dodge sitting on the line added time to his 1/4 mile. the counter doesn’t start until the car starts moving and hits the laser. he could sit there for 5 min if he wanted to and the counter wouldn’t start.

    also, we all know the M4 is underrated, not only that but the car weights significantly less than the dodge.

    and to jamie. dodge would need to bring a hellcat to beat our m4 ;)…considering the hellcat is in a much higher power class.. lol xD

    • Vanja Kljaic says:

      Seems you have a point there, would love to see the Hellcat go at it really! Nice thinking! On the other hand, it’s hard to gauge this in any other way than for entertainment which some need to go over.

    • james's mom says:

      While you’re talking about ‘your’ m4 the charger driver laughs at your 87 civic though. Also who gives a shit about ‘power class’ whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean. The hellcat and the m3 have pretty much the same msrp and that’s what mattes to people who actually buy these cars instead of just talking about them on the internet.

      • james says:

        i pay for quality. thats why i bought an m3. sat in the new mustang? garbage. interior materials are junk. same with the charger. apologies if this offends anyone. but one feel of the door materials and you know youre not getting something quality. the fact that i can also much more easily tune my M is also a big factor. my buddies is blowing out 605 tq to the wheels and 600hp to the wheels (with under 1,500 worth of upgrades) and it will smoke any hellcat. so theoretically, the m3 can be made faster and cost less than a hellcat.

  5. Desmond Cronin says:

    The final speed tells the whole story, 11mph is a huge difference

  6. bobgrant says:

    The 2015 SRT 392 charger has more HP and now has the amazing 8 speed tranny. It’s already hitting 60 MPH in 4 seconds in track mode. It’s a bigger, more comfortable car as well, but that size hurts the handling. The new Charger interior is really nice and it has some incredible tech. Amazing that the Charger can also run to 188 MPH! I ordered the SRT 392, but they’re both great cars. I’ve driven both and the Charger feels faster because it’s so big. The M4 is probably still a bit faster and a better handling car. The SRT draws looks, but no one really notices a BMW these days, even an M car. Some folks prefer not to be noticed, so that’s hardly a negative. The 8 speed auto in the SRT is superior to the M car, but the steering of the M4 is better. The Charger is nicer on a long drive, the M4 better on a winding road. Best to buy BOTH!

    • BMW owner says:

      The fact that you said no one really notices a BMW these days tells everyone that you’ve probably never owned one and definitely don’t own a recent model now. People definitely notice your BMW and the compliments are always coming, even if it’s just a thumbs up…I get them almost daily.
      The M4 would win this every time, the charger had a lot of wheelspin so the trap sepeed should be a tad bit higher, maybe 112 or so.
      But the lighter car with quick shifts win with these ratios being so close.

      • bobgrant says:

        My friends own M3 and M5. I took delivery on a SRT 392 last week and we had a lot of fun already driving these cars together. All are very fast, but the SRT feels more exciting because of the transmission. It has better seats than even the M5 and even has a better crash rating. Though the M5 is technically faster, it could not beat my SRT off the line, but could pull on me from 80 MPH. The SRT gets better MPG. In eco mode I’m getting 27.4 MPG! The M3 is the best enthusiast car of the bunch as it can seriously handle and it has the V8 for linear power, just like the SRT. No turbo! Even the M3 owner admits the SRT has many advantages over his car. The M5 is a BEAST, yet not all that exciting the drive. I live in NYC and run a yacht club. NO ONE notices a BMW here. They are everywhere and far too common to draw attention. For some that’s a good thing. The SRT 392 and Hellcat draws MUCH more attention. It’s new and pretty stunning in person. It has attitude that the BMW does not have anymore. It also SOUNDS much better than the BMW. I’d never choose a M3 or M4 over the SRT 392, but the M5 is pretty incredible. Then again, for less money than the M5 I can own a new Hellcat Charger and that’s even more fun. The 8 speed tranny in the SRT’s may be the best AT in the business. Fiat/Chrysler is very serious about the SRT division and BMW & Audi will lose some business if they don’t keep up. Here’s a pic of my SRT….

        • Horatiu B. says:

          Thanks for the great comment.

          The SRT is a great car, no doubt.

          • bobgrant says:

            Indeed. And today, at our yacht club, I walked outside to find a couple being photographed….posing with my car! That has never happened to me before and I’ve owned some nice cars. It sure doesn’t happen with a BMW.

      • bobgrant says:

        Nope, I don’t own a M5, but my friends 2013 M5 is being traded for a Hellcat. We have no brand loyalty. The M5 is a great car, but it’s not as fun as the SRT. I don’t know where you live, but here in NY absolutely no one notices a BMW or Audi. They are more common than a Camry. Pretty much the same for Porsche, though they are still sexy cars. The front end of the SRT Charger is very unique and there are few on the road. I ‘ve seen TWO in three months! People actually take pictures with my car. That has yet to happen with the M5, unless you think a 2013 is too old. I suggest you drive BOTH as I have.

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