This summer, BMW will replace the current F30 335i model with a new 340i sedan featuring the new B58 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine. The new powerplant replaces the award winning N55 TwinPower and now produces 320 horsepower and 320 lb-ft (450 Nm) of torque.

The engine will be mated to the same 8-speed transmission from ZF (8HP45). BMW puts the ZF 8HP70 (700Nm/516lb-ft) in all of the V8-powered BMWs, but most likely due to costs, it retains the previous generation 8-speed.

The 2016 BMW 340i will go in production in July 2015 with first units expected to reach the dealers just a few weeks later. Next year with the unveil of the 4 Series facelift, the 435i model will also be changed to the 440i moniker featuring the same B58 engine.


For this generation, BMW has no plans to offer an M340i M Performance model, but that might change in the next generation launching in 2019.

Rumors around a possible three-cylinder 3 Series have been circulating on the interwebs for quite some time now, but even though BMW originally planned for it, the decision was made to keep the four-cylinder engine as the entry-level 3 Series – at least for the current generation.

All versions of the BMW 3 Series facelift will also benefit from a new suspension tuning, which will provide even more dynamic driving without compromising comfort. Minor updates are to be expected with optional equipment and control systems, like the full-LED headlights being optional.