With its premium ParkNow service, BMW i has developed a customer-friendly and convenient solution to the problem of parking in large cities. ParkNow covers both on-street and off-street parking.

The all-encompassing approach optimizes all key steps in the process. If the customer is interested in an off-street parking space, for example, it can be easily found, booked and paid for, all with ParkNow. The booking can be made either in advance from a PC or smartphone or, in the near future, even en route by means of the navigation system.

DriveNow is a carsharing joint venture by BMW Group and Sixt SE

The multistorey car parks in the ParkNow network can be filtered by price, distance or availability of services such as charging stations or car washes. Once the selection has been made in the navigation system, the driver is directed straight to the selected car park and an electronic ticket is generated that grants access to the reserved space. Tedious searching for a free parking space and the pollution caused in the process are therefore a thing of the past.

If parking on the street, there is no longer any need to hunt around for change, walk to the parking meter and carefully position the ticket in the car. All the customer has to do is enter the number of the parking zone in the ParkNow app or the navigation system and the parking process starts. The customer also receives notification before the parking time expires and can extend the parking time while away from the vehicle if necessary. Payment takes place automatically.

With ParkNow LongTerm, meanwhile, BMW i additionally offers the possibility of renting a long-term parking space with charging facilities close to home or the workplace.

Collaborations with car park operators are spurring on the international expansion of the network. ParkNow has real-time access to 4,200 multistorey car parks offering 5.6 million parking spaces in hundreds of cities across North America. In addition to this, there are 2.8 million on-street parking spaces in more than 200 cities in the USA alone.