At BMWBLOG we’re always looking for different products to try on our BMWs to enhance the ownership experience. Today, we’re reviewing Dr Beasley’s environmentally friendly detailing products on our BMW i3.

The i3 is the most sustainable and green car in BMW’s line up. Given this, we thought we’d try to use products that are easier on the environment while minimizing the use of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) on BMWBLOG’s long term test i3. In addition to looking for environmentally friendly detailing products, we were also looking for some winter weather protection from the salt and grime.


Lately, I’ve been starting with cleaning my wheels and tires first, because I don’t want to blast dirt and wheel dust on a freshly washed car. Then, I do a thorough top down wash of the car.


This time I used Dr Beasley’s Premium Body Wash which is a biodegradable soap pH balanced. I found it very concentrated and potent, meaning it didn’t take a lot of product to get super sudsy’ water.

After this was done, I dried the i3 and cleaned our WeatherTech mats with left over wash water making them good as new.


When it came time to seal the paint, I tried Dr Beasley’s PlasmaCoat.


According to them, it’s the industries first and only 100% VOC free paint coating. They eliminated the solvents and chemicals and made it water based. PlasmaCoat is rated for 12+ months of protection. It has an extremely strong bond, so work in very small areas think 2 square feet, apply a thin layer then remove immediately with a detailing cloth. I decided to apply this to the black “frunk” and see how it compared to untreated areas on the i3. PlasmaCoat puts a super smooth finish on the paint. Your fingers glide over it. When it came to going through our first snow storm, it helped the snow and slush crud beaded up and roll off.


Moving on to the windows, I tried their Glass Waxx. It’s another 100% VOC free product and beads water off the windows to improve visibility. It is like Rain X but without the harsh chemicals or smell. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it really keeps the glass clean even when the rain hits it. I found myself using the wipers less while driving in inclement, weather be it rain or snow and slush. This lasts about a month, give or take the weather/wash cycle of your car.


The to finish the i3’s look, I tried their Tire Conditioner. It is a surfactant free tire conditioner that penetrates the rubber to moisturize and revitalize the rubber. This helps maintain a tires appearance and prevent browning. It doesn’t sling off or break down in water. It made our i3’s Blizzak’s look new again.


The last thing I did was use Dr Beasley’s Wheel Seal which is puts a protective coating for wheels to resist damage from brake dust, salt, and road grime. I haven’t had this on the car long enough to compare to Wheel Wax which I have been using for years, but am very pleased with the results so far.

With the i3, BMW has done such a thorough job of making it as eco friendly and sustainable car as possible. Owning and caring for one of these, makes one feel a responsibility to keep it green and using our 12kW Solar Array charge as much as possible.


If you are interested in Dr Beasley’s car care products, they can be found here. See also our previous write up of a full detailing with Dr Beasley’s on a BMW 1M.