Jason, a proud owner of a BMW 1M and a reader of ours, has sent in a photo gallery of his “baby-M” showcasing a wide range of aftermarket parts.

The super sporty 1M gets closer to a racing car, thanks to some visual upgrades with Raze carbon fiber parts. Furthermore, the 1M even gets its roof top replaced with a lightweight one. The hood is also replaced by a lightweight bonnet with double sided carbon fiber.

In the rear, tons of upgrades as well. First, the trunk panel is replaced by a carbon fiber one, while a GT spoiler sits on top of it.

bmw 1m tuning 18 750x500

For more power, the 1M gets a Gruppe M Air System and an INC turbo charge pipe. The 1M Akrapovic EVO Titanium full exhaust and wireless Kit plus downpipe was also installed to the car.

bmw 1m tuning 12 750x500

As any respectable track car, the 1M needs some serious brakes. Jason went with the Brembo GT-R Racing Calipers for E82 1M, front 380mm 6-Piston Slotted Rotors and rear 345mm 4-Piston Slotted Rotor.

The mods list below is without a doubt the longest we have seen for a BMW 1M, and certainly cost the owner tens of thousands of dollars.


82 Interior Door Cards (Front)
E82 Interior Door Cards (Rear Pair)
(Alcantara Trim for E82 Carbon Interior Door Panels)
1M Raze Lightweight Roof Panel (Replacement Type)
1M Raze Mirror Cover (Replacement Type)
1m Raze Carbon Fiber Front Lip
1M Raze Lightweight Bonnet (Double Sided Carbon Fiber)
1M Raze Lightweight Trunk (Double Sided Carbon Fiber)
1M Raze GT Spoiler With Mounts( Carbon Fiber)

Brake system
Brembo GT-R Racing Calipers for E82 1M Front 380mm 6-Piston Slotted Rotors
Rear 345mm 4-Piston Slotted Rotor

Gruppe M Air System

INC turbo charge pipe

Awron DGA DGA Gauge for E82 1M

PSi ‘Raceline'(Ohlins Dampers) BMW E82 1M suspension
Racing Dynamic Swaybar kits Front/Rear E82 1M

N54 Oil Catch Can( Including Earls fittings and steel braided lines) Earls steel braided lines
Earls Fittings
N54 Competition Oil Coolers
Shrouding kit
Front Mount Intercooler N54 (5 inch)

Short Shift Kit W/DSSR Selector Rod

Steering wheel
BMW Performance Steering Wheel (Electronic)

Cobb Tuning Accessport v3

RB turbo/ Core/ Gaskets

Spec Stage 2+ Clutch and Flywheel

Exhaust system
1m Akrapovic EVO Titanium full exhaust + wireless Kit + Downpipe

Klassen m52R 19×9 19×11
Michellin PSS 245 / 295