Exhaust systems maker Akrapovic continues to promote their BMW M4 exhaust through a new, captivating video.

The Akrapovic Exhaust System is a completely new design and it will reduce the overall weight of the vehicle 3.3 kgs. The exhaust system adds 5.4kW at 4400RPM compared to the stock system. Torque is increased by 17.4 Nm at 2350RPM. It also weighs 3.3 kilograms less than the stock M4 exhaust.

The Evolution performance exhaust system for the BMW consists of a single-central muffler with valves and bigger link pipe tubes with a middle muffler.

Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust for F80 M3 And F82 M4

With no second set of cats—(unlike the stock system), the whole system is designed to give the smoothest flow. Crafted entirely from titanium, the Evolution system has a unique sound to complement its substantial increase over a very wide rpm range. In-depth engineering has produced a sound completely different from the stock system, giving a deep and sporty sound – with no unwanted overtones or drone, and also a significant change to the sound with the valves in the open or closed positions.

Let’s see the exhaust in action: