When purchasing a new BMW, one of the first things one chooses after picking out the model type is the exterior color. If the model of choice is the BMW M3, the final decision can be even more painful. As BMW is a premium car manufacturer offering a bevvy of standard and special colors (BMW Individual) the selection  area is quite frankly – very large. What color choice you want to go with is strictly based on your personal preference and should be treated as such.

In this article, our intention is to provide you with 5 exterior finishes that strike us as the best ever made for the M3. Our idea of beauty might be different than yours, in the end the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” cannot be more closer to the truth than when it comes to cars.

However, we would like to hear your opinion on what are the best five colors for the M3.

5. Le Mans Blue

Carbon Fiber Additions For A LeMans Blue BMW E92 M3

If we’re to choose a particular shade of blue for our new BMW, it would be a complicated decision to make. Personally we’d go with Le Mans Blue! Even though Montego Blue or Interlagos Blue are exciting colors on their own, LeMans Blue strikes us as the best between the bunch. While we may consider these as rather similar colors, the slight differentiating factors between them can change your decision.

LeMans Blue looks rather deep and dark in some angles, but it pops up in direct sunlight providing a shade of blue that look so stunning and elegant.

4. Oxford Green

Most prominently known for the color of the BMW E46 M3, Oxford Green is that sort of a finish that you either like or dislike from the first minute you see it. We first saw it a couple of years back on a perfectly kept and maintained BMW E36 325i and fell in love with it from the start! The colors tend to grow on people  and while it is not a color that will take the spotlight in the parking lot, it definitely steals the attention at car events. It is a color that is simply classy!

Oxford Green is a darker shade, closely related to British racing colors seen on legendary vehicles of the ’50s and ’60s. It looks great in both darker places and sunlight, providing the owner with a stunning view of the muscular rear arches of the M3. With a set of silver finished wheels, preferably something classic in terms of design, these cars are a beauty of their own.

3. Sparkling Graphite

Sparkling Graphite BMW E92 M3 With VMR Wheels 2

This will probably entice a heated debate. It’s a paint job that looks rather flat when in low light conditions, but turns into a shiny silver influenced gray finish that looks so damn good on bimmers. You definitely can’t overlook it when narrowing down your selection.

It looks somewhat lighter in areas where the body lines and shapes protrude, providing a clear view at what designers thought of when creating these fine vehicles. It’s such an understated, but classy color. With interesting shades coming out in direct sunlight, it’s one of our favorite gray colors BMW offers.

2. Phoenix Yellow

Phoenix Yellow BMW E46 M3 By EAS 01

A few years back, Phoenix Yellow has impacted the view we have on the BMW M3. With the E46 M3, it was the most striking color offered with the exterior finish helping accentuate the beefed up body panels and flared arches seen on the E46 M3. It was also a quite rate exterior finish, probably due to the fact that it was one of the flashiest colors every offered by BMW for the M3.

1. Alpine White

8593195838_33a2f207bf Alpine White M3 Build 02

One of the most plain and understated colors out there, gets chosen as the best finish ever made? Yes, we will boldly back this up with a few things. Most of the recent trends in the production of luxury and performance automobiles heads in a direction of offering a clean look. Simple, elegant and unpretentious lines rule the design world today. White, clean and simple is a trend that we see across industries.

Most striking colors recently launched by BMW are Austin Yellow, Yas Marina Blue or Sakhir Orange, but Alpine White still offers the best view at combination of exterior shapes and sizes, all blended perfectly with black exterior pieces and carbon fiber details.

It’s clean. It’s elegant. And it takes our first spot as the best BMW M3 color.

[Images: European Auto Source]