BMW colors

laguna seca blue bmw e46 m3 16 830x553

What is Your Favorite BMW Color?

Does anybody remember back in the day before the BMW Individual Visualizer existed? Armed with rudimentary Photoshop skills and our imaginations, we toiled for hours (or minutes) to get our dream color on our dream…

laguna seca blue bmw e46 m3 16 830x553

What Are The Best BMW Colors Ever Made?

Throughout the years BMW has been awfully specific about choosing launch colors for their most unattainable halo cars (think: M5 and M4 CS). But often, that air of uniqueness trickles down to us mere mortals,…

BMW M4 Speed Yellow Laguna Seca Blue 14 830x553

Are BMW M Colors Still Named After Race Tracks?

Since the late eighties, BMW M has gone out of their way to ensure that their most special cars receive an equally special color palette accentuating their racing heritage. And when it came to naming…

Misano Blue BMW X2 830x553

BMW X2 brings a cool and fun color palette

When it comes to market in 2018, the new BMW X2 will be the brand’s most chic, hipsterish and fun car to look at. And hopefully to drive as well. Its new and fresh design…

BMW colors inspired by racing and race tracks

Phoenix Yellow BMW E46 M3 By EAS 01 750x500

Top 5 BMW M3 Exterior Colors Ever Made

When purchasing a new BMW, one of the first things one chooses after picking out the model type is the exterior color. If the model of choice is the BMW M3, the final decision can be…