Spartanburg, South Carolina, got hit with a 24 hours irritating rain but that hasn’t stopped us and other journalists to take the new BMW X6 to the off road course at the BMW Performance Center.

The training facility includes a paved 1.7-mile racing circuit, wet skidpad and off-road course.

Taking an X6 off-road is probably something not many owners will do in their car’s lifetime, but when it’s not your car…things change. We decided to put the new X6 through the torture of rocks, steep inclinations and to top it off, through a 19-inch deep water which after a day full of rain, seemed to be a bit higher than normal.


BMW says that a 26 degree tilt limit is what the new X6 is capable of.


One cool feature added in the new xDrive information screen is the ability to see which wheel your torque is being shifted to and you can also get right in front of you the roll angle and incline – useful in situation like this.


Despite all we’ve thrown at it, the X6 passed the off-road test with flying colors, aided of course by standard features like the xDrive and Hill Descent Control. The 8.3 inches ground clearance and 19.7 inch fording depth helped quite a bit as well.

At the end of the off road test we could say with certainty that, if situations arises, the X6 could easily tackle the off road terrain. Just imagine what the X7 would be able to do.