ING launches the pilot “100% Electric Mobility ‘ with 51 car drivers and the fully electric BMW i3. With this pilot ING wants to gain experience with 100% electric driving and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

Participants in the pilot have to based in Amsterdam and live within a radius of 45 kilometers of their work. The drivers are in charge to load their BMW i3 home with its own charging point or at a public charging point that exists close to home. At the headquarters buildings of ING in Amsterdam 90 charging stations were installed.


ING already leases 42 Plug-in Hybrids but with this pilot the company looks to the future and electric mobility. The company says that aside from the 51 drivers there is a waiting list as well. Part of the pilot is to give the participants a year feedback on electric driving. Through surveys, but also through an internal community, drivers can share their experiences (tips & tricks).

ING is one of the first company to announce a fleet of i3 cars, others are expected to join in the future. Even Police Departments are looking at the environmental-friendly BMW i3.