After his drift instructions in the BMW M235i Coupe, Chris Harris is at it again: in his latest video, the Brith explains how a BMW M3 E30 can be remodeled professionally into rally car – and of course, he also talks about the usual problems and obstacles that come with a such conversion.

The free version of this video showcases a white BMW E30 M3 driving fast on the offroad course, but the full video is only available at

Even though the BMW M3 E30 is known to many fans, especially as the most successful touring car of all time and has collected countless victories, the E30 also has quite a rally history. The British Prodrive team has not only used the car in the British Touring Car Championship BTCC in 1988, 1989 and 1990, but it was also used as a rally car.

With at least 13 victories across Europe, the Rally M3 was quite successful. In addition to the victory in the Belgian Rally Championship, the Prodrive M3 also took second places in Italy, the UK and at the European Championships. In 1989 victories followed in the Belgian and the French Rally Championship.