As you may remember, PSI bought a Sakhir Orange BMW F82 M4 which already saw some modds being installed earlier.

Now they are on a mission to create a first bolt on roll bar for the same vehicle. Currently under development, they have documented the first prototype stages of the new aftermarket performance addition for this car, ensuring the procedure is well shown and presented to potential customers. A roll bar adds greater safety to drivers in case of an accident on the track where the car might roll on the roof where it also provides additional structural rigidity as well.



Their aim is to create a roll bar which can be easilly installed and removed – pending urgent needs. This means the new performance safety part will ensure you can utilize your BMW M4 with daily driving tasks, but also prepare it for additional needs of track days and racing events – all in a matter of hours that is. It’s definitely an approach that will be liked by many weekend racing drivers out there, owning the same car naturally.

BMW F82 M4 Bolt On Roll Bar Development By PSI

Using the M4 Safety Car as a reference, we brought in an expert fabricator to create our own version of the competition roll bar. When tackling a project like this, it helps to have experience on your side, and this person has plenty. The fabricator we contacted has a history of building Grand Am, American Le Mans Series, and Rolex Sports Car Series roll cages with other custom fabrication work. – Precision Sport Industries


The BMW M4’s brand new engine is a 4.0L V8 vs 3.0L straight-six powerplant that churns out 425 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 406 pound-feet of torque. This is all good for a sprint from 0 – 62mph of just 3.8 seconds if a DCT transmission is used. The 2015 BMW M4 has a base price $64,200. Destination and handling is $925. The European Delivery price for the M4 starts at $59,755.

Make sure to check all the tiny engineering details that go into producing an aftermarket safety product like this right below. We’ll bring more information about the roll bar from Precision Sport Industries as we get the updated information.