A few posts ago BMW i3 owner Scott Lawrence Lawson was featured in our Born Electric series and gave up some insight into his reasons for going electric and how he’s doing with his i3 after a few months of ownership. At the end of the post I mentioned that he created a BMW i3 owners map where i3 owners can register their location and see where other i3’s reside.

It’s not a commercial site that is trying to collect your data or sell you anything, Scott only created it because he though it would be fun to see where other i3’s live. This is how he explains it on the site where you sign up:


I thought I’d give back to the growing i3 community by making a map of BMW i3 owners and owners to be. This is an opt-in map so if you want to be on it, fill out this form below. The more specific you are, the better the data will represent our community. Maybe you’ll meet someone new who made the same great choice in mobility as you did! If you are an i3 owner, fill in the this form and I’d be happy to add you! 

There are currently 378 i3 owners listed from twenty five different countries and the list is growing every day. If you have an i3, please use the link below to go over to the site and add your car to the map.

BMW i3 Owners Map

[Source: bmwi3blogspot]