German tuning shop G-Power launches another impressive BMW tuning project. The G-Power BMW M6 Gran Coupe takes the elegant and sporty four-door M Coupe from a stock 570 horsepower to 740 hp and 975 Nm of torque. With the G-Power Bi-Tronik 5 Power Kit fitted under the hood of this BMW M6 Gran Coupe, the G-Power engineers managed to squeeze out another 170 hp and 210 Nm of torque from the 4.4 liter bi-turbo V8.

The modifications on G-Power BMW M6 Gran Coupe begin with patching the main micro-processor inside the car’s ECU. They upload a new software in there similar to the one used for their supercharger kits, seeing as G-Power supercharger systems are closely related to the turbochargers used by BMW.


The standard exhaust system was also replaced with a custom one made by G-Power. The G-Power exhaust system comes with downpipes and 100mm endpipes which can be ordered in carbon or titanium and weighs 12 kg less than the stock exhaust.

To cope with all that massive power, the M6 Gran Coupe gets the carbon ceramic brakes, along with 21 inch G-POWER HURRICANE RR forged wheels.

Inside, the customers can choose between leather and Alcantara, both complemented by carbon fiber parts. The audio system was also modified to include full Apple integration including TV and iPads.

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