What began its life in Saudi Arabia has now came over to United States and this Monte Carlo Blue BMW F10 M5 looks splendind in its new home. Just as the car arrived on US soil, it was quickly picked up by European Auto Source for some quick and easy modifications.

These include a selection of IND parts that give an even more aggressive appearance, while keeping it classy and clean. The IND parts are the IND Painted Kidney Grills, IND Painted Side Markers and IND Painted Trunk Badge.

Finally, an Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust System was installed, making sure the twin-turbo V8 sound is heard anywhere it goes, while providing a nice increase in power and performance too.

Grab a quick look at the snaps we’ve got from European Auto Source.

BMW F10 M5 Project 02 750x468

BMW F10 M5 Project 04 750x468