To promote their M Performance Parts Catalog, BMW UK releases a video of three most exciting M or M-like cars released in the last year: BMW M4 MotoGP Safety car, BMW M4 DTM Racing car and BMW M235i Racing car.

Out of the three, only the M235i Racing Car is not considered an M-fully developed car, but it rather belongs to the M Performance Automobile family. The M235i did go through a racing upgrade program. The 333-hp racing car, which is based on the BMW M235i Coupé production model, is powered by a straight six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2,979 cc.

Motorsport-specific driving aids such as ABS, DSC and traction control ensure that the motorsport newcomers can also handle the BMW M235i Racing surely and safely. The car also comes with mechanical limited-slip differential, which is also available for the BMW M235i Coupé in the original BMW Parts range.

Here you can learn more about the BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car and the BMW M4 DTM Racing.