What makes a good engine oil?

Today’s engines work harder than ever. At times, they can reach more than 10 tons of pressure per square centimeter, with metal parts colliding at jet engine speeds. In this brutal environment, motor oil spreads incredibly thin. Castrol has developed a new dynamic system that actively strengthens the oil called Fluid Strength Technology.

Fluid Strength Technology continuously responds and adapts to your engine’s every need even under the severest possible pressures. It is designed to minimize metal to metal contact, constantly adapt across a variety of engine speeds and driving conditions, and remain stronger for longer. The Fluid Strength Technology maximizes short and long term engine performance, helps sustain improved performance for longer even when under pressure and delivers excellent protection when reducing metal to metal contact between the critical engine surfaces.

Castrol has also partnered up with BMW Motorsport’s at many of their most famous victories around the world, including the 2012 DTM Championship.