June 20th, the BMW Car Club of America wrapped up their 45th Annual Oktoberfest.  This year the week long event was held in Beaver Creek, CO.  O’fest included a concourse with gorgeous weather, Griots Garage Car Care seminars, and a Gymkhana.

Michelin hosted a Drive and Compare, where they let you drive one of their cars on an autoX course to compare Michelin to its competitors.  The event which moves to a different venue each year didn’t have a big time race track.  Last year the track venue was Laguna Seca.

There was a golf Tournament, a TSD (Time Speed and Distance) Rally, auto cross,  a car control clinic topped off with a drifting exhibition with a Phoenix Yellow, I mean Austin Yellow, M4.  Given the gorgeous location in Colorado there were ATV tours, Whitewater Rafting and a Golf Tourney where if you hit a hole in one you could win an i8, a 2 year lease on in an BMW X5 on another hole and a M driving school on yet another.


Steve Dinan gave multiple Tech Talks on various subjects including Intakes and Exhausts.  Last year when BMW CCA O’fest was held in Monterey, CA attendees were able to Dinan’s manufacturing and research facility.  He’s a fantastic speaker and has a true passion for BMW.  All in all people had a great time reconnecting with friends they see at this yearly event.

Enjoy the photos courtesy of Richard D.