So what does one do after hanging out with James Clay and the Bimmerworld guys until 1AM after a race?  Well, head out to the parking lot and see who’s E90/E92 M3’s exhaust is louder.

The local BMW CCA Chapter had organized a full day at the Kansas Speedway to watch James, Seth and the rest of the Bimmerworld team compete in a 2.5 hr race.  Topping off a great day watching the race, we went to dinner after the race with the team.


In this scribe’s humble opinion, the E90/E92 M3 S65 V8 4.0liter needs the factory exhaust uncorked to reach its auditory potential.  First up is Ryan’s 2008 Jerez Black E90 M3 sedan which has an AUTOCouture Motoring who makes an inexpensive, yet raw visceral exhaust.  I am told it costs around $600.  It’s a great sounding exhaust that the guys thought sounded more like traditional American V8 Muscle cars.

The other contender is my 2011 Space Gray Metallic E92 M3 with a Dinan exhaust which rings in considerably more at $2,199.  My E92 M3 also has the Dinan High Flow Carbon Fiber Intake which retails for $999 as well as a Challenge Stainless Steel X-pipes $1095.

Comparing both, I have to say that I was really impressed with how good the AUTOCouture Motoring sounds for the money.  It has a ripping sound and subjectively louder sound.  The Dinan Exhaust has a more refined and exotic sound and won the subjective idling portion.  Granted this is not a scientific comparison and the video and audio isn’t the best of quality give it was shot on an iPhone 5 at 1:30 am.

No M3’s were harmed in the filming of this comparison.  We warmed the oil temps up to 210 F before the video was shot.

[Photos: Bimmerworld | Halsto Pitman]