InsideEVs reports the The California Air Resources Board just listed the BMW i3 REx (range-extended version) as a TZEV (Transitional Zero Emissions Vehicle) and thus awarded it the coveted green HOV sticker.

Per CARB, the TZEV designation is typically assigned to plug-in hybrid vehicles which is different from BEVx (BEVx, or a battery-electric vehicle with a small “limp-home” range extending engine or APU (auxiliary power unit)—i.e., not a series-hybrid type vehicle equipped with a full-capability engine” ).

These four criteria must be met for BEVx status:

    • The APU range is equal to or less than the all-electric range
    • Engine operation cannot occur until the battery charge has been depleted to the charge-sustaining lower limit
    • A minimum 75 miles electric range
    • Super ultra low emission vehicle (SULEV) and zero evaporative emissions compliant and TZEV warranty requirements on the battery system.

Though not listed as a BEVx, that has no impact of the i3 REx getting the green sticker.

BMW i3 REx qualifies only for the $1,500 California Clean Vehicle Rebate, and not the full $2,500 rebate.