With the launch of the new BMW X5, we are giving you another photo comparison against the competition. We pitted the BMW X5 against the Mercedes-Benz ML, Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne. The visual comparison gives us a 360 view at the design of these four premium SUVs and how they compare in quality and dimensions.

The new 2014 BMW X5 measures 192.3 in (4,886 mm) in length, 76.2 in (1,938 mm) in width, 69.3 in (1,938 mm) in height and has a wheelbase of 115.4 (2,933 mm). Mercedes-Benz’s ML SUV is slightly shorter but a tad taller than the X5. 189.1 in (4,803 mm) in length, 75.8 (1,950 mm) in width, 70.7 in (1,796 mm) in height and the wheelbase measures in at 114.8 (2,916 mm).


Next is the Audi Q7 which is the largest of these four vehicles: 200.3 in (5,088 mm) in length, 78.1 in (1,984 mm) in width, 68.4 in (1,737 mm) in height, and 118.2 in (3,002 mm) wheelbase. The second generation Porsche Cayenne has also moved up in size. In length it measures 190.8 in (4,846 mm), the width is 76.3 in (1,938 mm), it’s 67.1 in (1,705 mm) tall and has a wheelbase of 114.0 in (2,895 mm).

Design wise all these four premium SUVs have their own followers. While the X5 and Cayenne stand out with their dynamic and sporty lines, the ML is all about classy and luxury lines, while the Q7 packs the most cabin tech of the bunch. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it will be unfair for us to draw a final conclusion on which one of those SUVs wins in the design department.

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