BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept made its world debut at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show.

The latest and greatest concept brings together, not only the most advanced BMW design, but also the highest advancement in technology.

Some of the design cues and tech will be used in the upcoming G11/G12 7 Series, and others will probably make it into a future high-end BMW which will sit above the 7 Series.

Built one an one-off platform, the concepts reveals an outstanding exterior and interior design, along with innovative technology, lightweight engineering and a seamlessly integrated user interface and driving experience.

bmw vision future luxury concept photos 06 750x500

One of the innovative features comes from inside the car, where the BMW Vision Future Luxury offers front passengers their own Passenger Information Display. This display is connected to the Driver Information Display via a touch-sensitive panel, where information can be exchanged between driver and front passenger using swiping movements.

The two videos below give us a closer look at the exterior and interior design: