“Most car designers can say they’ve designed cars since they were a little kid.” Head of MINI Design Anders Warming is no different. See what else this creative powerhouse has to say about inspiration both inside and outside the office and how it helps shape the incredible thing we know and love called MINI.

Warming has been one of our favorite people to interviews over the years.

The Danish-born Warming started with BMW at its DesignworksUSA design studio in Newbury Park, CA. Graduate of the prestigious Art Center College of Design school, Warming designed the first generation E85 Z4 Roadster.

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In his prosperous career, Warming also designed the GINA Light Concept, Mille Miglia 2006 Coupe Concept and was involved in the X1 Concept design.

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Since December 2010, Anders Warming has held the post of Head of MINI Design. His career path has been the realisation of a childhood dream: Warming never wanted to do anything else but design carsicon1.

Let’s listen to his philosophy on design and cars, great inspiration to all aspiring designers out there, and not only.