Will BMW get a new CEO in 2016?

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2016 Will Be a Celebratory and Transitional Year for BMW The 100th anniversary of BMW will be celebrated in 2016. BMW virtually disappeared in 1919, …

2016 Will Be a Celebratory and Transitional Year for BMW

The 100th anniversary of BMW will be celebrated in 2016. BMW virtually disappeared in 1919, was nearly swallowed by Daimler Benz in 1959, and stumbled in 1999 as the Rover deal unraveled. But since 2007, with the introduction of Strategy One, BMW has performed remarkably.

The next 100 years promise to be as challenging as the first. What we know as a car, personal transportation, will undergo substantial change as environmental regulations, fuel economy requirements, and demographic changes wreak havoc on the status quo. Having the right goals and appropriate strategies to achieve them is paramount. And BMW has done well with its Strategy Number One, revealed in 2007.

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The year 2016 also marks another significant event at BMW. It marks the end of Dr.-Ing Norbert Reithofer’s tenure as CEO. Unless the Supervisory Board extends the retirement age beyond 60 years, Dr. Reithofer will need to be replaced.

The role of CEO in an organization can range from essential to ornamental depending on the company. If it tends towards the former, the breadth of experience in the company and personal ties/networking to its key employees, in particular the production and research arms at BMW, are prerequisites for evaluating a CEO candidate.

BMW extends CEO Reithofer’s contract

The pool of potential candidates for the role of CEO at BMW is most probably restricted to those who are currently members of the Board of Management, even though there may be potential candidates that have yet to be elevated to the executive board.

BMWBLOG believes the potential candidate will have been involved in production planning/supervision and also will have served in one of the two major non-European markets for BMWs, China or the United States. There are seven members of the Board of Management reporting to the CEO, six of which have technical/production process backgrounds.

Of the six, two will be beyond retirement age in 2016 (assuming that 60 is still retirement age, and if the retirement age is changed one would presume that Dr. Reithofer would be retained as CEO). All but one of the remaining will be 60 within three years of 2016.

The remaining executive board member that has the requisite technical/production background, and is young enough to serve a term of six plus years as CEO, is Harald Krüger. Other news sources, including Automotive News, have speculated that Harald Krüger is in line to succeed Dr. Reithofer.

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While it is to early to assign certainty to Harald Krüger’s succession to the CEO role in 2016, it makes sense to us given the selection parameters we believe are relevant to BMW. Regardless of whom BMW selects to succeed Dr. Reithofer, we are confident however that the Supervisory Board will do everything possible to ensure a smooth transition and that the CEO that is selected helps guarantee the future of the BMW Group.


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  1. Sihle says:

    I honestly hope that the next 100 years for #BMW bring even more succes for the Brand and they continue making beautiful and good cars for the world.

  2. Byronh.iphone@gmail.com says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I am writing to inform you of my satisfaction with the delayed supply of a BMW X4. I have ordered an imported BMW X4 (20ix) through Guangdong Yuebao Sales Service Company ( one of the authorised BMW distributors in Guangzhou China’广东粤宝汽车销售服务公司’ ) on August 5, 2014.
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    Salesperson : Ms. Chen Chiyun (mobile no. 13926050703)
    Upon the contract signed, I paid RMB 30,000 as deposit and based on the contract, the agreed delivery time was November 2014. As of today, I have NOT yet received the car or any satisfactory answer regarding the exact delivery date from the salesperson Ms. Chen. I have also called the BMW hotline (4008006666) for over 10 times regarding the misbehaviour of the distributor since December 1st, yet the case was not followed up! This is totally unacceptable and severely harm the consumers’ interests.
    May I ask you to look into this matter not only on behalf of me but also on behalf of your company? I look forward to your early reply.
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  3. Byron Huang says:

    Regarding the delayed supply of the car, as per the distributor, the car arrived at the warehouse of BMW China by November 24. But due to various reasons from BMW China, for example, the car being locked, disorder of BMW financial system etc. Based on what I have been told, I have called the BMW service hotline for 16 times since December 1st, stating my dissatisfaction and urging to solve the issue. As of December 25, the issue has not been solved even though BMW China said they will follow up. I doubt the integrity of BMW and disappointed about the service experience of BMW China. I am writing to urge the BMW management and related regulatory authority to solve the issue at earliest convenience.

    My family and I has been bothered a lot due to the late supply of the car, even our daily life. I strongly urge the completion of delivery and all necessary procedures by December 26. Otherwise, it will be passed to necessary legal procedure.

    Byron Huang: 86-13826488600

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