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The tire obsessed geek within me says I should explain the tech behind the BMW i3′s skinny, large diameter tires.

The reason they’re sized as such is obvious: lower rolling resistance, less drag, improved aerodynamics and looks befitting the equally odd exterior appearance of the i3. Bridgestone is the sole provider of rubber for the i3 and the tire supplier has several variants that fit BMW’s plug-in.


Bridgestone claims that some “ologic” technology “capitalizes on the synergies of a large diameter coupled with a narrow tread design.” That’s typical marketing speak. Ologic is just some silly word made up by the folks at Bridegstone. Nobody outside of Bridgestone will ever care if their tires have “ologic” tech in them.

What we do care about is the availability of several tires that will fit the i3. At some point in time, replacement i3 tires will be needed, so here’s what’ll be available:


Ecopia EP500 ologic tire is available in four sizes:

  • 155/70 R19 84Q
  • 175/60 R19 86Q
  • 155/60 R20 80Q
  • 175/55 R20 85Q

Those four sizes are additionally offered in two winter varieties:

  • BLIZZAK LM-500 ologic [uni-directional studless]
  • BLIZZAK NV ologic [studless tire]

None of the listed tires are of the run-flat variety, so pack a can of fix-a-flat in the trunk.

Those are your options. We don’t expect anyone outside of Bridgestone to produce suitable replacement tires for the BMW i3 in the foreseeable future.

No other tire maker would produced these sizes unless more vehicles come equipped with them. If the i3 remains the only vehicle to use these sizes, then Bridgestone will be your only choice for replacement tires.