For Autobild, Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen makes a reference to the BMW i3 in relation to the low-cost furniture from IKEA.

For the German magazine, von Holzhausen said he considers the i3 “the myth of the Ultimate Driving Machine” as he isn’t sure that it meets the “basic standards of the brand.” On the positive side he does compliment the interior design of the i3.

“The i3 is more an IKEA piece of furniture as a design piece of furniture, says von Holzhausen. I’m not sure if the i3 meets the basic standards of the brand. From pure design perspective, the car is of course unique. The interior is very modern. Very clean, thin seats. I like the material used. If the i3 is on the road, he looks a bit strange and unconventional. I personally feel that car must not look so funky. The electric drive train and the proportions are unique enough.”


Currently BMW and Tesla are not competing in the same segment but future models from both brands will put them on collision course. BMW is rumored to launch an i5 model which may compete for the same customers.

Tesla is also currently touches on the Model X and has started work on their entry-level sedan.

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