BMW i5 “already in the works”

Rumors | October 19th, 2013 by 11
bmw i521

The rumor comes as no surprise since the idea of a BMW i5 has been floating around for a while now

According to UK magazine WHATCAR?, a source says that a BMW i5 model is already in works.

The rumor comes as no surprise since the idea of a BMW i5 has been floating around for a while now. As we anticipated, the success of the Tesla S model has only helped BMW and validated the need for premium electric vehicles. The UK outlet says the Tesla S has already convinced many within the company that there is potential for a model larger than the i3.

The likely name for the car is BMW i5, a designation that indicates a larger vehicle, if we were to follow the typical BMW naming convention. Design wise the BMW i5 is said to be a combination between a crossover with a raised seating position and and a typical sedan.

bmw i521

“We are having these discussions right now,’ said the insider, ‘and no decision has been taken. In fact, there’s still not an absolute decision that the car, if it is called i5, should even happen. Many, including myself, believe that there is potential. Then if we decide the car should happen, we need to decide if it is a regular sedan or something where the passengers are sitting slightly higher up.

‘Then after that we need to decide whether a car of this size can be a fully electric edition, like the i3, or whether it needs to be a range-extender – or perhaps even a plug-in hybrid. That could ultimately be the best solution for that model; we don’t know yet.”


An i5 model will allow for longer commutes and extended road trips, a concern that initial EV customers have. An i5 crossover like will also speak to customers looking for more interior space and an SUV-like ride with the benefits of a plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicle.

Just like the other i models, the BMW i5 will make extensive use of CFRP and lightweight materials, areas in which BMW has massively invested in the last years.

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