The BMW Electronauts are comprised of 700 households who have leased BMW’s first fully-electric car, the ActiveE, for a two year period in the metropolitan markets of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, New York, Boston and Hartford. The BMW ActiveE lease period was and is used to gather feedback for the upcoming BMW i3 and BMW i8 models.

The 24-month lease was offered for $499 per month with a down payment of $2,250.

And today the Electronauts received some good news. BMW Financial Services give them the ability to extend their lease to fill up the gap between the ActiveE turn-in date and the availability of their new BMW i vehicle.


Full information can be found in an email sent out to all ActiveE leasers.


Congratulations – your mission has been a success. Lease End on your ActiveE is fast approaching, and it’s time to start powering down. Unlike other BMW vehicles, the ActiveE cannot be purchased, but must be turned in on or before your maturity date. So you have two things to consider: the ActiveE turn in process and selecting your next BMW vehicle.


First, we need you to return your ActiveE in a condition that is:

  • Safe and legal for use on the road in your state.
  • Not missing any equipment, including keys and the 110V charging cable.
  • Clean inside and out.
  • Free of any collision damage, both to the bodywork and to the underside of the vehicle. Any damage must be remedied prior to turn in. (Dings, minor paint chips and scratches are acceptable, as are tires with a low tread depth – as long as they meet minimum state safety requirements.)

Second, since your ActiveE must be turned in, any return delays due to non-warranty repairs of your ActiveE may result in charges from BMW Financial Services. Additionally, you may be charged for the following, if applicable:

  • A per diem fee for vehicles returned more than seven (7) days beyond the scheduled maturity date.
  • Any other open charges, such as late fees, outstanding lease payments, unpaid traffic or parking violations, or unpaid property tax.


As an Electronaut, you know the thrill of electric mobility. To help you get behind the wheel of an all-new BMW i3 or i8, you’ll be pleased to know BMW Financial Services is developing a product that can be used in conjunction with the Federal EV Income Tax Credit. We will also offer a lease as well as a traditional loan product. Click here to learn more.

There may, however, be a gap between your ActiveE turn-in date and the availability of your new BMW i vehicle. Therefore, we are offering eligible Electronauts the ability to extend their lease.