In what was a completely over the top awesome event, BMW unveiled the M4 Concept to 500 lucky BMW CCA Oktoberfest attendees. Yes, yes,
the M4 Concept was unveiled officially at Pebble Beach a few days ago, but this was to a first chance for many die-hard BMW enthusiasts of the BMW CCA to see it in person. Plus BMW live streamed the event on-line at “Celebrate the history of the iconic BMW M3 at a secret location in Monterey, California” said the invitation. I knew it would it would be cool, but truthfully, it exceeded even my lofty expectations of what they had in store.

My money was that we were going to the local BMW dealer as our secret location. Wrong! We were bussed off to an airplane hanger with million dollar private jets just outside. The hanger looked like it had been turned into a club, complete with a killer DJ spinning club music, fog machines, stage lighting, a bar, couches, gorgeous models and each generation of M3 on display.

The E30 M3, E36 M3, E46 M3, and E92 M3 were all there and three of the four belong to BMW CCA members. BMW pulled out all the stops with Brian Watts, Head BMW M Marketing, hosting the event and interviewing BMW M CEO Dr. Nitschke and Ludwig Wilisch, BMW NA CEO, both clearly die hard car and track guys who removed the cover off the M4.

Unfortunately, the technical details were not disclosed but BMW did at least promise us that they would come out in September. BMWBLOG was told that the M4 Concept is very, very close to the production version. I am selfishly hoping so because I think the new M4 looks very aggressive and would hate to see that changed much. The color, Aurum Dust, is a great concept color but I am not sure how many people would order it. For a concept model though, under the lights and on the stage it seemed right at home.

The BMW CCA members’ reaction was very positive. If you know much about die hard BMW fans, you’ll know how hard they are to please. Nearly everyone crowded in around the M4 Concept after they moved the ropes out of the way. As Dr. Nitschke said it’s the best M4 they’ve ever built and they are not kidding! BMWBLOG can’t wait to learn the final specs and get behind the wheel of the New King.