First official photo of the BMW M4 Concept leaks on the interwebs. gives us an early look at the BMW M4 Concept which will be unveiled tomorrow. The BMW M4 launch color resembles the Phoenix Yellow seen on previous M3 models. BMW has yet to reveal the name of the new color.

The front view picture shows a BMW M4 with an aggressive front bumper and styling cues imported from the M6 models, as well as a carbon fiber rooftop. The BMW M4 Concept has an aggressive hood design which features the power bulge, a design element transferred from the E9x M3 generation.


A carbon-splitter is also included in the fascia.

The air vents are large in size with angled fins that give the car not only a road-focused look, but also a dominating stance.

Under the hood, the new BMW M4 is using an inline-six turbocharged engine that sources say will develop around 450 horsepower. Engine code S55.

The engine is mated to a double-clutch transmission 7-speed transmission. The U.S. enthusiasts will most likely see a manual transmission option as well.

Stay tuned for more BMW M4 Concept news!