Spy photographer Palbay gives us a look at the upcoming BMW X4 and how it compares, in camouflage form, against the BMW X3. These photos were shot from virtually the same spot and distance for both the X3 and X4″, says the photographer. Since both cars run on the same platform, the real life photos offer a great way to compare the vehicles from different angles.

The second Sporty Activity Coupe in the brand’s model range will be built at BMW Plant Spartanburg, along with the X3, X5 and X6 models. It uses the same platform as the BMW X3 with a body length of 183 inches (4,648 mm), a width of 75.4 inches (1,915 mm) and a height of 63.9 inches (1,622 mm).


BMW X4 stands out with its massive and sporty front-end. 3D kidney grilles and “squared” circular headlights are being icons on all the new BMW models. The high gloss frame of the grille is open to the sides and at its lower extreme, lending it an almost “floating” appearance in the center of the nose. The grille features prominently sculptured bars with ultra-stylish detailing.


From the side, the 2015 BMW X4 appears to be longer and more dynamic. The stretched and shallow band of glass creates a persuasively dynamic link between the greenhouse and vehicle body, the slim glass surface giving the body an impressively powerful appearance. The X4 sports a wide track and low center of gravity implying a more dynamic ride.

First units of the BMW X4 will be delivered to customers starting Spring 2014.