More and more spy photographers emerge every day and car companies are trying to reinvent themselves when it comes to not only hiding the prototypes under heavy camouflage or simply changing their testing patterns and locations. Many times leaked photos give us an early look at what’s coming next, but often the photos are less flattering than official photography.

And this short intro brings us to the next generation MINI F56 due out next year and debuting for the public this September at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Apparently the F56 was spied by photographers at a photoshoot and the MINI folks decided to ruin their plans by releasing their own “spy shots”, along with a press release.

Here is the shot:


Aggressive and relentless papping is something British celebrities have had to learn to live with. Members of the Royal Family, as well as actors, footballers and top models are all familiar with the sensation of being caught in uncompromising situations, and now MINI is the latest victim.  Absolutely unaware and without make-up, the youngest member of our family was caught by sensationalist photographers in a highly private moment. The young one was yellow and completely defenceless. We understand the worldwide interest in our family but it is not the British way to send such unfavourable pictures around the globe.

But like a good stiff-upper-lipped Brit, MINI shall not complain, although we would like to officially state that we are not flattered. The published pictures do not reflect our good looks any way. As every celebrity knows, those extra long telephoto lenses have the devastating ability to negatively distort all surfaces, lines and angles. Therefore our advice: next time come closer to the object of desire. If that doesn’t work, don’t worry,  shortly you will have the opportunity to experience the MINI up close and personal, and to take pictures from all angles.