After a two-year hiatus, the M6 is back with a more athletic stance and contemporary styling. Vorsteiner announces a new tuning program for the BMW F13 M6. It is a total solution to accentuate the lines of this beast and make it stand out.

The tuner started up front with an add-on spoiler. The design is subtle but very effective for directing airflow and adding down force. It gives a lower stance for the vehicle while being functional and enhancing performance capabilities.

The sophisticated lines are continued with the add-on side skirts giving it a lower more aggressive stance. Assisting in keeping the vehicle well balanced, the side skirts are more than just a visual enhancement. It creates additional down force to help unleash the beast.

Vorsteiner F13M6 05 655x436

Adding to the perfection and performance is the rear diffuser. This muscular piece attaches seamlessly to the rear bumper and features four extended aero fins and an upper splitter we call tunnels. The rear diffuser reduces turbulence and improves airflow from under the vehicle while the top splitter creates down force.

Completing the aero kit is the boot lid spoiler. It creates additional rear down force while enhancing the style of the M6. It does more than its job while not detracting from the beauty of the factory lines. All the components are built from a pre-preg carbon fiber.

Vorsteiner F13M6 10 655x436

Finally, finish the look and performance with a set of the stunning 21 inch VSE-003 forged aluminum wheels. This optional add-on is a 5 twin spoke design that retains the factory tire pressure monitoring system. It is engineered to minimize unsprung weight for improved vehicle handling and performance.


The F13 M6 tuning program includes:

· Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg Add-On Front Spoiler
· Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg Add-On Side Skirts
· Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg Add-On Rear Diffuser
· Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg Add-On Boot Lid Spoiler
· 21 inch VSE-003 Forged Monoblock Wheels