This week we’re in Germany test driving the new BMW M6 Gran Coupe while heading towards Nurburgring for the 24 hour race and the now annual M Festival.

The biggest M Festival in the world celebrates “The Most Powerful Letter In The World” and tens of thousands of BMW fans gather every year for three days full of activities.

The ticket price for the entire 3-day M Festival is €479. and includes the following:

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The M Festival Package:
­ – Entrance ticket to the 24h Race
– ­ Exclusive access to all M Festival areas
­ – Catering (all meals and drinks as part of the M Festival included)
­ – M Night
­ – M Parking
­ – Shuttle between the M Festival areas
­ – Raffle with exclusive prizes
­ – M Corso (limited spots available, own BMW M automobile required)
­-  Garage tours (limited spots available)
– ­ and many further highlights …

Full details can be found here.

bmw m6 gran coupe review 18 655x433

Our first day with the M6 Gran Coupe was spent along 400 miles of backroads and Autobahn, giving us a chance to experience the four-door coupe in almost all its glory. The track is the only things we’re missing.

Some quick thoughts on the first four-door coupe.

First, the car is a head turner. Period. Everyone stares at it, waves at it or simply snap photos of it. This is without a doubt the best looking BMW in the lineup right now, a car that offers the luxury and comfort of a Gran Tourer with the sportiness coming from M. In my opinion this is the perfect combination in a BMW right now and despite its high-price tag, plenty of customers will jump on the chance to own one.


Second, the M6 GC is fast. So fast that sometimes you forget that it has a curb weight of 4,430 lbs. The 7-Speed DCT is sharp, fast and smooth, and we wouldn’t choose a manual option over this superb transmission, at least not this time around and not for this car. Despite its overall proportions, quite a long car I might add, the M6 Gran Coupe is glued to the road, perfectly balanced and dominant in corners. It simply gives you that confidence you expect from a powerful car in a sporty and luxurious package.

We will have a full report at the end of the journey, but we will give you more updates as we get closer to the Ring.

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