In 2009 BMW introduced the Cruise bike, a touring bicycle with a 9-speed hub system. Fast forward four years later and an updated version of the Cruise bike is now released. BMW says that the 20kg (44lb) bike with pedal assist is capable of 25kmh and a maximum range of 85km. It uses a 250W motor produced by Bosch and the bike’s lithium ion battery is mounted on the down tube.

The electric motor is placed under the bottom bracket.

The Cruise bike has disc brakes and four modes of assistance, ranging from Eco to Turbo. A detachable computer will show speed, battery life and other parameters.


The high-tech bike also comes with torque sensors which note when the rider is delivering extra effort on hills and can contribute more power to maintain speed.

BMW will only release 1,000 bikes for sale in Germany and the price has not been announced.