In the heart of every M3 enthusiast is the desire to own a “special” M3, one that illustrates their love for everything BMW but also with their own unique flair and individualization. On Project Fire: Version Two, Winter Park,FL-based shop PSI made the car into a close GTS replica, with an edge.

Once they acquired the OEM M3 GTS wing, the direction of the project’s new version became clear. The AE Performance Bar in Fire Orange and RECARO SPG XLs were next, mounted using the OEM sliders and mounting positions. The shift knob was exchanged for the Macht Schnell Nylon edition with an Active Autowerke SSK as well.

Next, an OEM European bumper and the IND Sport Evo lip were added to match the OEM GTS Wing and to balance out the aero on the car. The high quality 3D Design Diffuser was an instant favorite from Version One and was left on the car for this iteration as well.

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Once the interior/exterior mods were complete, the engine became the next focus point. With the addition of the Active Autowerke “Race” midpipes and software, the M3 sounds and performs as aggressive as it looks.

Here are photos of Project Fire: The Beginning

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Now onto Project Fire: Version Two


Photos above byGarrett Wade Photography Facebook | Garrett Wade Photography Website | Garrett Wade Photography Flickr