Guilty as charged: we just can’t get enough. BMW’s sexy super spyder – the i8 Spyder – is one low slung, seductive sports car. Even more exciting: it’s a sports car of the future – one that our grandchildren may remember fondly as the “F40” of their era.

The i8 Spyder will be a plug-in hybrid like its hard-topped sibling. At the rear of the car will reside a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine – likely gasoline powered, though speculation at first pointed toward a diesel – and this drivetrain will produce 393 hp when working in unison with it’s 2 electric motors for maximal output. Torque will reach a stout 406 lb-ft of torque, thus hurling this lightweight machine to 60 mph in an expected 4.9 seconds.

Top speed is rumored to be 156 mph – we’re unsure if this is drag or electronically limited, though we suspect the latter because this amount of power would likely be able to push the car to a higher velocity considering its extremely low-drag aero.


Curb weight is rumored to be 3,125 lbs, and this skinny approach to the scales will also result in incredible efficiency. The car will manage at least 20 miles purely driving in electric mode, before switching to dinosaur juice. With a conservative driving tone, the i8 is expected to deliver a staggering 80 mpg (2.9 L/ 100 km) under the European cycle.

Enjoy our gallery shot moments ago from the Detroit show floor.