A report by Bloomberg citing Ian Robertson, BMW board member, states that the Munich-based automaker has shifted “tens of thousands” of cars that were originally targeted for Europe to the U.S. and Asia. These units were originally intended for the European market which is facing challenges.

“Challenges in Europe are getting greater,” said Robertson for Bloomberg. The region faces “a lot of bumps on the road” before it stabilizes and an auto-market recovery could take years, he said.

Analysts expect the Europe’s car industry to go through the biggest sales drop in 19 years.

The demand in the U.S. and China for the new 3 Series Sedan have helped the Bavarians to avoid the crisis. BMW sold 14 percent more cars and sport-utility vehicles in September globally to a total year-to-date units sold of 1.11 million.

Robertson also says that the Chinese market has slowed its growth, as well the need to help European dealers through the crisis, especially in Spain where it faces “some very difficult decisions” on restructuring the dealership network.