Video: F10 BMW M5 vs Porsche Panamera GTS

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On this episode of Head 2 Head, MotorTrend’s Jonny Lieberman pits the 2013 BMW M5 against the 2013 Porsche Panamera GTS in an epic super …

On this episode of Head 2 Head, MotorTrend’s Jonny Lieberman pits the 2013 BMW M5 against the 2013 Porsche Panamera GTS in an epic super sedan showdown. The battle begins in California’s Mojave desert with a classic quarter-mile drag race. Then Jonny takes both V-8 powered sports saloons up to Big Bear, California to find out which one carves up the winding mountain roads the best.

The F10 M5 is powered by a high-revving 4.4-liter (4395cc) turbocharged that uses the BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology. The engine outputs 560 horsepower from 5,750-7,000 rpm and 680Nm (502 lb-ft) of torque from only 1500rpm. It comes in both manual and 7-speed DCT transmission. The base price of the F10 M5 is $90,695, but the model tested came close to $105,000.

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Basically a sportier version of the current Panamera 4S, the $110,875 GTS is powered by a naturally-aspirated direct-injection 4.8-liter, 32-valve DOHC V8 with variable valve timing/tift and dry-sump lubrication mated to a seven-speed automated manual gearbox (PDK). The engine produces 430 hp at 6,700 rpm and 384 lb-ft of torque at 3,500 rpm.

So why has MotorTrend chose an underpowered Panamera to compete against the M5 super sedan? Here is what MotorTrend’s Jonny Lieberman had to say on the topic:

We chose the Porsche Panamera GTS instead of the Turbo for a few reasons. One is that, like the M5, the GTS is new. We’ve never tested it before. For us, it’s always important to do new versus new. Another reason is price. The GTS has a base price in the U.S. of roughly $111,000, which while still a fortune, is roughly comparable to the M5’s as tested price of about $105,000. However, Porsche likes to stab you in the heart with their options, so this particular GTS stickers for $144,000!

But saying that, the PanTurbo S STARTS at $175,000. Porsche offered us one, we declined it for this particular Head2Head. The last reason we didn’t use the

Panamera Turbo S is that it would’ve really beaten up the M5. Compare the Turbo S’s 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds to the M5’s 4.0. The GTS hits 60mph in 4.1 seconds. Also, the Turbo S’s quarter-mile time of 11.8 at 118mph is quite ahead of the M5’s 12.4 seconds at 114.2, keeping in mind that the scrappy GTS managed 12.7 at 107mph.

So which one takes the win?

29 responses to “Video: F10 BMW M5 vs Porsche Panamera GTS”

  1. George says:

    Like I said, BMW is absolutely useless. A 460hp Panamera kicks the pathetic m5 ass badly and easily.

    • ///MPOWER says:

      Know i sourly prove and see that both Georg and Auto Fan are both Uneducated and Illiterate. Who do you two grew up with, your Granny’s?, my goodness me, this is what the phrase meant when it say’s “BLIND CAN’T LEAD BLIND”. Only God can hep you two to recover you sight.

      • George says:

        Only God can help you to fill up your empty brain, dirty pig.

        • ///MPOWER says:

          I don’t Eat Pork, so that would be a wrong choice made by a “MENTALLY CHALLENGED” individual.

          The only Category’s of things God put in My Empty Brain is the Plan of Salvation and most importantly “TO LOVE EVERYONE AS MY SELF, “If you’re Spiritually and Educationally “INCLINED” and not “DECLINED”, you can relate to what I’m Initiating.

          We’re here “DISRESPECTING” each other like a bunch of Idiots “with my self included”, What does it profit anyone of us with this cause of discrepancy?.

          Please I’m asking you, Spend some time a read “Matthew 24”, all these “materialistic” “MUST” come to a sudden end, so don’t dwell on them.

          Go in Peace!.

        • says:

          YOU are insulting us in our HOME ! You and you Auto fan go to your VW site and leave us the intelligent and educated people in our blog, we are not interested in your silly and useless opinions .

    • says:

      Hi Georgie whay a fool you are in thinking the Panamera the most ugly car out there won !! only on looks it already losses , let the panamera ( that is the name of a hat made in Panama) watch all day the M5 in front of it saying ! this is how its done !! an elegant and good looking car , that its why they call the M5 the king

  2. Auto Fan says:

    What a slap. Nice to see how BMW is humiliated by a car having 100hp less.

  3. ///MPOWER says:

    I have said it before and i will say it again, “One person CAN NOT talk for the people, each individual have their OWN method of CHOOSING what they are compatible with. The next thing, this Comparison is some what Malnourished, Why? there’s no detailed on how these car’s react when it come’s to a “BULLET LAP TIME” and how it feels on Track and on Street. It really couldn’t be because of the “DOMINANT HISTORY THE M5 HAVE” and it always gun-down anything that crosses it path, “are they afraid of the “BAVARIAN MONSTER?”.

    I fully agree that BMW M have somewhat start to being a bit DILUTED when it comes to their claim of “EFFICIENCY & DYNAMICS, and if they don’t put a “STOP’ to these “PREGNANT WEIGHT” they are going to feel the “CONSEQUENCE’S”!. The next thing is this “the PAN S would Beat the hell out the M5”, Then how do They Explain this (

    So, Hey, Hello sonny Boy, Auto Fan, Tell your Mother Hey for Me. You are so Fired up about “Audi Advantage becoming the #1 premium seller”, their Growth are very encouraging, However, i will strongly advised you “DON’T” Invest all your hopes on that. No one can Acknowledge what the End of Year Statistics of Selling will be. BMW is.However, The Seven (7+) Times World Chap in this Class after trimming Its way pass the two other German Champions for the Title, so don’t think they are just going to fall asleep and allow Audi to “Dethrone” them without putting up a fight, and this fight start with “last month Record Sale” and with outstanding Investment Globally to market Their new Products they are likely to extend the Gap once more.

    I speak of Split Personality Car’s, and that’s what BMW is Known for. Luxury mix with Sportiness, track mix with Street, in other words BMW “don’t put their eggs on one baskets”.

    i will give you some Home Work to do, look at Organization (People, Tuners) who find it a pleasure with no regard’s for money, time, sweat and tears to Invest in Audi and Mercedes Benz compare with the the growing growth of these BMW Freaks. Please be advised that these Businesses are not some Back Yard Garage.
    HPF, Active Auto Works, ESS Tuning, G Power Hurricane, VF-Engineering, Jaw’s, RGM, KW, Vorsteiner, Velos Desigwerks, Schmiedmann and GINTANI, I could go on and on and on, this is to just name a few of these “pathetic weak losers” that you have a problem with.
    Peace out my Boy.

    • Auto Fan says:

      Oh, really? You sing the same stupid and unrealistic song. As long as there’s Audi, your pathetic BMW will always fall behind. So say hello to your mother.

      • ///MPOWER says:

        then if its at that magnitude of “Unrealistic” in regards to your Childish “PROTEST”, How did Audi manage to allow BMW to strangled them for over “10 YEARS?”, Mercedes Benz was their next Victim in the pass 7 Years. So you tell me, Who’s in a more position of being “MENTALLY CHALLENGED” and Unrealistic.

        You perfectly fit the description of a four (4) year old Child that has Its Balloon burst. Don’t worry My Boy “AUDI” will buy you back one soon OK!……Know, no more crying…..I said NO MORE CRYING!…WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?

      • says:

        BMW the best all the rest may keep on following ………

  4. asd says:

    F10 M5 is an AMG car now. The guy is totally right – it has become a hammer and not a precision tool it once was. All previous M5’s, including E60, will be remembered as marvels in Auto industry…F10 M5 just won’t be.
    IMO BMW really screwed up with the F10. That’s because it is so heavy, a 7 series basically. Just look at the weight of past 530i’s for example: E39 – 1605 kg, E60 – 1570 kg, F10 – 1710 kg. So you see it is over kilos (around 220 lbs) heavier than E39 and even more than E60. In my opinion, E60 is the best 5 series so far, they really did it right with aluminium lightweight body while still making it very safe and electronically advanced. It’s such a shame that F10 didn’t continue that trend…so I think that if ///M had a better base car to work with, the M5 would be better.

  5. Nemesis says:

    I am your biggest fan BMW.I have loved you all my life and i am furious at what you are doing now.
    It is really simple.Lose weight.Fix the steering.WHY DO YOU NOT WANT TO BE AS GOOD AS YOU CAN,WHEN IN FACT YOU CAN BE !!?!

  6. Destroyer says:

    Interesting. Even the Panamera GTS kicks the M5 ass easily, let alone Panamera Turbo and Turbo S. It seems that BMW has become a pathetic outsider of the premium segment, since Audi left them behind in terms of performance and handling, and Mercedes-Benz beats them (as always) in terms of ride comfort and luxury. So there’s a simple question: who the hell needs BMW at all? The answer is: only fools and losers!

    • ///MPOWER says:

      I really Hate when these Uneducated Viewers put up their silly comment. How exactly did the Panamera beat the M5?, by 0-60?, yes you’re all perfectly correct! only because its All Wheel Drive. But what happens after 64.4.00 second?…………………………..that’s right, remain quiet you silly audi fools. The M5 Berried it completely. Why didn’t the Journalist that conduct this Video never take these two Car’s for an Head to Head battle lap time?………O I See!, He was likely to Acknowledged that the M5 would have Slit the Throat of the Panamera like what happen here

      You’re all here Rejoicing over this video by being blindfolded with a “Reprobate of mind”, not taking NOTE of what the Journalist remarks was,Quot Thus “Audi do NOT have a Competitor in this Category”, this STRONGLY confirmed the “MALNOURISHED” Claim made by C&D in-regards to the Audi A6 & the M5. So it is you Intellectually Declined audi fool get a Slap in your Under-steering FACE.

      When i present or input a Comment, I provide Evidence with Validity. Mr. Disfigure, you mention that BMW is outside the “Premium Sales” and that Mercedes Benz and Audi are ahead of BMW, “this just once prove again how illiterate you really are when it comes to having knowledge of the Auto Industry “, BMW have stifled audi for more then 10 long years and Mercedes Benz have get their throat Slit for the past 7+ years, you should also be advised about BMW record Sales last Month not to mention the Eminent results that are pending regarding their Global Investment of marketing their New Products.

      So the next time you present anything, make sour it is Valid and provide accurate Evidence.

      Go in Peace.

  7. steelydan says:

    auto fan: bmw hater douchebag.

  8. fluffyduk says:

    I am a little disappointed with the weight of the new m5 and I agree with the reviewer in the video that the M5 should have a “perfect” steering wheel feel that the M engineers have honed rather than 3 not quite right settings.

    However, I do feel I’m starting to understand where BMW is coming from with this new M5. When the M boss was asked about what the benchmark was for the new M5 he said that BMW weren’t using other cars as benchmarks, they knew where they wanted to be. This is because BMW is a market leader, they set the trend, the new M5 redefines the executive sports sedan segment. It’s got the cornering prowess to take on a Porsche and the straight line speed and comfort to eclipse an AMG but not a hardcore track machine (after all who would buy a huge 5 series for that?) and I think that’s exactly where BMW wanted to go with the M5.

    But I will eat my own hat if there is one bad word spoken by the press about the new M3 being too soft, because then I don’t know what BMW is playing at. The M3 should be hardcore.

    • ///MPOWER says:

      I’m a 10,000 % Agree with you “Fluffyduk”, Let’s just wait and see how things will turn out
      Peace be with You.

      • Fluffyduk says:

        I’ll use “MTwinPowerEfficientKidney” next time if your uncomfortable with “fluffyduk”. I bet its cause you wish you had thought of it first.

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