Video: 2014 BMW M3 (F80) testing at the Nürburgring

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The 2014 BMW M3 goes to Nurburgring for another round of testing. The F80 M3 will be powered by an inline-six engine and according to …

The 2014 BMW M3 goes to Nurburgring for another round of testing. The F80 M3 will be powered by an inline-six engine and according to our sources, the engine of choice is a newly developed 3.2 liter unit that is rated at 450 horsepower, but it could reach 480 horsepower with a new performance package.

The engine is mated to a double-clutch transmission 7-speed transmission, but we expect to see a manual transmission for U.S. customers.

In a previous conversation we had with BMW M CEO, Dr. Nitschke, we learned that the sporty division’s goal for the iconic M3 was the reduction of weight. Therefore we expect the F80 M3 to be quicker than the current generation E90.

2014 bmw m3 nurburgring

The new M3 will debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show with sales starting in early 2014.

15 responses to “Video: 2014 BMW M3 (F80) testing at the Nürburgring”

  1. Auto Fan says:

    Another loser. Even the S6 would kill any “M” car on the track, let alone the RS.

    • RacecarBMW says:

      S6 what are you smoking…

    • says:

      This Idiot is still here, go away to your Audi VW garbage this site is for BMW people, we are tired of your childish remarks, go get a life !!!! and yes you can answer me I dont hide behind a fictitious name, Im the real thing !!! BMW4ever ……….

    • ich122 says:

      Nürburgring Nordschleife-times:
      Audi RS6 8:20
      M3 CSL: 7:50
      M6: 8:10
      M3: 8:05

      so, go and touch yourself in your stupid understeering Audi…

      • ///MPOWER says:

        Just like that, as i said before “BMW is not gonna sell its RICH AND DOMINANT HERITAGE CHEAP” to please no one. The next thing you “BONE HEADED CLOWN’S” need to get is that regardless of the “PREGNANT WEIGHT” that these new Car’s have, they still hold to their Residence and Heritage.

        I have to admit the fact that BMW have somewhat fall away from their claim of EFFICIENCY & DYNAMICS “in term’s of the Weight” and because of this, “they have SHOT THEMSELVES IN THE LEG”. The weight is the only problem with these New Car’s and i really hope that they don’t make the same mistakes with the New M3.

        When these Clown’s put up their Comparison’s, and post their Comment’s, and their article’s, no one need’s to be alarm, because there is no solid proof of their of the claim, and these Journalist are not well Published, they are just trying to make a living even if they have to tarnish someone Reputation to get their Exposure. “Apart from being toooooooo dam expensive” (and they’re indeed perfectly correct about that) no other motive’s are there. So let these Homeless Children have their play time, Audi and Mercedes Benz don’t provide nowhere for them to express their emotion, so they have to come to Our Home to dwell.

      • George says:

        The competitor to the M3 is the RS5. You’re a typical asshole BMW fanboy. And visit this:

        And go hang yourself, pathetic moron.

        • ich122 says:

          I’m not a fanboy, I just see the world clearly, since I don’t wear pink glasses.
          He wrote, that every Audi S-model can beat ANY M on ANY track, so every Audi RS should beat ANY M with ease. But that is more than wrong…
          I know that Audi can be faster than BMW on some Tracks, but on some tracks, they aren’t. I never claimed any different, but “Auto Fan” did… ;)
          Actually, you guys are Audi-fanboys, you are insulting people every time without any reason and thats just because you guys can’t argue in a civilized way. So why don’t you guys do people a favor keeping away from this site.

  2. George says:

    Auto Fan,
    Let these pathetic losers alone. I feel pity for them. Since we’re strong, we should have mercy for weak.

  3. LulzAtAudiFanBoys says:

    Why doesn’t Audi admit the oil burning issue with the A5/S5 and most likely with the RS5? If Audi is “god” than why in the hell am I pouring 2 containers of oil every 1500 miles? Audi’s have always been rubbish and it’s fanboys who act like Audi is god.

    • ///MPOWER says:

      I have to say this Lutz, this is the problem that this Child and his crew, they have a problem with and a question they ask ever so often because they are very confused, why “Useless” BMW “they protest” is so Dam expensive and yet people are buying them? the answer is easy, People need more a SPLIT PERSONALITY type of car that Mix with Luxury and Sportiness, Track mix with Street kinda thing, and that’s what BMW is all about.
      why do people such as IDN, HPF, ACTIVE AUTO WORKS, GINTANI, G POWER, EAS, ESS, RGM and so many others take such great pleasure in BMW, and no matter the money they are going for it. WHY?

      The last two Comparison i say was “because Audi is far “cheaper” abd its more of a value for money, that’s why they chose it. NOTE: this you “Clown’s” BMW is not gonna sell its RICH DOMINANT HERITAGE CHEAP to please some stupid generalist that can’t even afford a Honda Accord but yet making “diluted criticism” to please their Boss, “get that into your fish brains”.

      If Audi and Mercedes Benz care and Adora its fans and viewer so much why don’t they try to put in a system in place just to know what their fans, viewers and customer feel, think, their feedback’s and reactions are, that is because they don’t care, there only interested in nothing else that to sell their cars.

      BMW continuously to reach the people where they are, this is by putting up Driving Schools to put more confidence in their Customer’s and Fan’s, they have racing development Programs for teen’s that’s where f1 sebastian vettel comes from and so many other things include Athletics and other sporting Activity. This is why this Website mean so much to Us, because We as BMW Fans, Employers, and Customer’s need YOU all so Much, BMW is all about the connectedness to the People

      So, Auto Fan and all the other Clown’s, Even if the only thing you can find to do is to type rubbish on this Website, you are all IMPORTANT to Us, You are all our Viewers and Fan, If you were not you wouldn’t be Here and giving your Childish Comment

      Love you all,

  4. S54minion says:

    It’s sad when individuals’ only argument for these machines are specs from various sources. Get in the cars and drive them your selves morons. Driving is about the comprehensive experience and BMW develop machines that are pleasing in most, if not all, aspects of spirited driving. Want proof? Take an e46 M3 (manual trans of course) down a windy road. If you’re not satisfied, then a.) the blanket of your bias is so thick, you fail you don’t appreciate the complexity, finesse and fun of driving a rear wheel drive car, or b.) you’re experience of driving a car with training wheels makes the driver/machine interaction awkward and overwhelming. All automotive machines have their quirks; arguing over which one is better using specs is completely and utterly futile.

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